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*Introducing Our New Product Line*

Tools for Aviation (AN/MS) and Hydraulic (JIC) Equipment


Our new tools are available NOW! We only manufactured a limited quantity of first run tools and stock is limited. Don’t delay and order your aviation or hydraulic fittings while we still have stock.

Dukowitz Machine

The missing tool has finally arrived. Repairing compression tube fittings is now possible with the KnechtionRepair tool. No need to remove the damaged fitting from the machine. An all in one kit can repair the damage easily. A real time saver to say the least.

Rick Dukowitz | VP-Dukowitz Machine Inc.

Conoco Phillips Alaska

Remember that job you were on, you were almost finished for the shift and all that was left to do was install the last few pieces of factory tubing. You know the tubing with so many intricate bends that looks more like a pile of spaghetti than gas turbine instrumentation.  Normally this wouldn’t be a […]

Tyson Peterson | Instrumentation Tech. Conoco Phillips Alaska, Alpine Oilfield

AC Machine Works

Having the KnechtionRepair tools around has been a true time saver.  During start-up of a newly constructed steam plant, the boiler feed pump strainers were plugging up frequently.  Crews cleaning the strainers had to remove the DP instrument tube each time, eventually damaging the threads.  Having the KnechtionRepair tool on site we were able to […]

AC Machine Works | kenai, AK

First / TBS

We have been aware of your special tools for quite some time.  The ease of usage of the tools and its simplicity are the two most attractive features.  Our customers have reported at least monthly usages of tools.In February, we convinced several of our customers to purchase these customized tools for their industrial/turbine usage.  One […]

Paul Tucker | President

Superlok USA

Certain locations in a plant or piece of equipment warrant repair rather than replacement of a tube fitting.  The KnechtionRepair Tools are the only way to achieve the substantial cost savings associated with avoiding replacement of that equipment and the tubing system associated with it.

Superlok USA

Integrated Combustion Solutions

Over the past 30 years I have personally encountered complications in the reassembly of the liquid tubing components on turbine engine component repairs due to thread damage to either the nut or the connector. Most especially during the rebuild process of duel fuel, fuel nozzle components where often times we encounter damaged threads on either […]

Duncan, SC

Team Technical Services

I have been supplying Instrument Fittings and Valves for over 30 years.  Customers would constantly ask about thread dies for chasing damaged fitting threads. The existing ring dies were difficult to center properly in confined space. When I saw the Knechtion Repair tool I had a gut feel that this would be a great solution. […]

Greg Palascak | Team Technical

Nexen – AFS

We wanted to take the time to thank you for the time savings that your special tool provides us. At Nexen-AFS, we specialize with refurbishing industrial gas turbine fuel systems, both natural gas and liquid fuels. Typically liquid fuel is distributed to the combustion tips via high pressure tubing from a fuel manifold. The tubing […]

Mark D. Dion | President

James A.

I recently used the Knechtion repair tool on a 3/8″ compression fitting on an oil line in the accessory compartment of one of our frame fives. Without the Knechtion repair tool I would have been forced to remove, and rebend, a six foot length of tubing. The tool made what used to be a several […]

James A. | Plant Operator, Rover

Nova Consulting

I used the Knechtion Repair Tap and Die tool offshore on a platform refurbishment and upgrade project, it saved approximately $5,000 in materials and over 2 days of labor costs on instrumentation repairs and installation”. We were able to repair a large number of cross-threaded and ill-fittings connections in lieu of running new lines.

Matt M. | Nova Consulting Services